Bishop Delores Williamston to Make Keynote Address at Commencement

Saint Paul School of Theology is honored to share the news that Bishop Delores J. Williamston of the Louisiana Conference of the United Methodist Church will offer the keynote address during Commencement on Friday, May 12, 2023.  During Commencement, Bishop Williamston will also receive the 2023 Distinguished Graduate Award.  Following a twenty-two-year career in the…

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Rev. Neil Blair will retire as President of Saint Paul

Dear Community of Saint Paul School of Theology, Over recent weeks President Blair consulted and conversed with the Board of Trustees leadership to discuss his contract and exit plan as president in order to spend more time with his beautiful family. We are so pleased with President Blair’s careful and grace-filled process regarding a transition…

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Rev. Shannon Hancock, Saint Paul's Director of Admissions and Communications, leads people of all ages in a protest of social injustices

path·find·er /ˈpaTHˌfīndər/ Noun.  A person who goes ahead and discovers or shows others a path or way. The definition is simple enough, but the work is complex.  Pathfinding requires listening, connecting, and discerning skills and is not a job one does but instead is a gift one has.  Rev. Shannon Hancock’s title is Director of…

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Community by alumna Dr. Melissa Pearce

A collage of community lunches held at Saint Paul School of Theology

I sat down to write this letter at least a dozen times.  Each attempt has ended with me scribbling down a plethora of thoughts with little direction of where to begin or where to end.  Goodbyes are never easy for me.  Nor is concisely conveying something as deep as my love for Saint Paul.  I…

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Self Love by alumna Dr. Melissa Pearce

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When my son was in second grade, I received a phone call from his teacher. She relayed to me that she had to repeatedly ask my child to stop talking to his neighboring student. A little perplexed that this behavior had seemed to arise suddenly and did not correlate with his usually quiet demeanor, I…

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