Shannon Hancock, 913-253-5084,, Director of Admissions & Communications

Jay Simmons, 913-253-5010,, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Tiana Gatewood, 913-253-5023,, Director of Events and Public Relations
Anne Walker, 405-208-5757,, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Campus

Jeanne Hoeft, 913-253-5019,, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean
Joey Lynch, 405-208-5757,,  OCU Campus Coordinator, Oklahoma Campus
Margaretta Narcisse, 913-253-5097,, Associate Dean of Students Affairs
David Firman, 913-253-5061,, Office Coordinator, Kansas Campus
Michelle Hatcher, 913-253-5050,, Registrar and Director of Financial Aid
Financial Aid,

Course of Study
Lucas Endicott, 660-202-2104,,  Regional Director of Course of Study School
Jennifer Smith, 913-253-5051,, COS Registrar and Administrative Assistant

Matthew Mills, 913-253-5060,, CFO, COO, Director of Human Resources
Tammi Allensworth, 913-253-5062,, Controller

President’s Office
Neil Blair, 913-253-5080,, President
Leanna Walkowiak, 913-253-5091,, Director of Operations/Equity Compliance Officer & Title IX Coordinator

Richard Liantonio, 913-253-5036,, Kansas Campus Librarian
Lee Webb, 405-208-5163,,  Oklahoma Campus Librarian