Scholar Strike for Racial Justice

Saint Paul School of Theology transparent logo.

The faculty of Saint Paul School of Theology stands in solidarity with the #ScholarStrike for racial justice September 8/9. We commit to opening up space in our classrooms on the 8th/9th to speak out about brutalities by police and others, particularly against communities of color, and to affirm the public witness and liturgy of protestors. We…

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Following God

Reverand Sara Martin poses in front of the First United Methodist Church signage

by Dr. Melissa Pearce, Director of Alumni & Partner Relationships As we sat on the steps of her first appointment, First United Methodist Church of Guthrie, Oklahoma, I grappled with the juxtaposition of her age and the poise with which she detailed her call to ministry and her habit of “following God” faithfully and intentionally.…

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OIMC Immersion Experience

A photo collage of Tylar Gregg and her time spent as a representative of Saint Paul during the OIMC Immersion Experience

by MDiv student Tylar Gregg I am a young Native woman from Oklahoma. I have spent the majority of my life feeling like I was part of two worlds but also excluded from both at the same time. This has caused me to work towards reconnecting to my Native community and learning more about my…

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Iowa Student Finds Peace in Dedicating All to Christ

Photo of Iowa Student Fredrick Killian preaching as part of his divinity degree.

Iowa student, Fredrick Killian, exemplified American success in his professional life. But he was restless—and it showed. He served in a number of different professions, including law enforcement, hotel management and hospitality, and then, executive management for nursing homes. Though he won awards and accolades with each change of profession, he knew he hadn’t found…

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Community Building in a Mobile World

Performer at Methodist Ministry Course of Study Talent Show engaging his audience

Each summer, Saint Paul School of Theology hosts approximately 150-200 Course of Study students. Students arrive from the Midwest, the Dakotas, Michigan, Wisconsin, and other states and then drive back to their parishes at the end of the week. Our challenge—to build community amidst commuter students. Our solution hearkens back to ideas used historically at…

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Science, Theology, and Ministry Classes Visit the Zoo – Fellowship With All Living Things

Science, Theology and Ministry students visit the local zoo

It’s not often that seminary students find themselves outdoors for their theology courses. It’s even more unique to be coexisting with wild animals. Saint Paul School of Theology Science, Theology and Ministry students went to the zoo recently to better react to reflection questions posted by Dr. Nancy Howell. Since Dr. Howell is now serving…

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Teens Confirm Art Moore’s Call to Ministry

Art Moore and Teenager

Art Moore has always had a heart for God and the church, but never thought to pursue it as his profession. He had a good job as a regional director of pharmaceutical sales in Nebraska. Through the years, he’s helped with church committees and projects, and with orienting new pastors to the area. It wasn’t…

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