Seminary Tuition and Fees

What Is the Cost of Seminary?

Seminary school cost can vary, depending on what program you choose and what scholarships or grants you recieve. At Saint Paul, we’re committed to making quality ministry education affordable for anyone with a calling to serve God. Please explore our seminary scholarships and awards for help covering tuition fees.


Application Fee(s)

Confirmation Fee / Intent to Enroll (new student): $150
Master's Degree Application Fee:  $50
Doctor of Ministry Application Fee:  $60
Audit Fee - Enrolled degree-seeking students: $100 per course
Audit Fee - Qualified Community Members: $200 per credit hr
Audit Fee - Alumni:  $225 per course
Independent Study Fees (in addition to regular tuition): $150
Graduation Fee:  $325.00 per degree
Thesis/Project Fee: $200

To make a payment, please access your account via Populi.


Tuition Rate:
$637 per credit hour

Contact Information

Email us if you have questions regarding:
Your financial aid or registration:
Your account balance:


P.O. Box for student payments:

Group 1
Saint Paul School of Theology
P.O. Box 843740
Kansas City, MO 64184-3740

Address to send all other correspondence:

Saint Paul School of Theology
13720 Roe Ave., Building C
Leawood, KS  66224

Please be aware that this change does not affect students who make payments through the Automatic Payment Plan or Electronic Funds Transfer. However, if you make your payments via online banking, please update your records with the above address.


Fees (per student/semester)

Student Infrastructure/Technology Fee
Enrolled for  6+ credit hours:  $600 per semester
Enrolled for 1-5 credit hours:  $350 per semester
Graduation Fee:  $325 per degree 

Student Council Activity Fees
Enrolled for  6+ credit hours:    $75 per semester
Enrolled for 1-5 credit hours:    $45 per semester
(No assessment for summer terms)

Student Fees Description

A single, all-inclusive fee is charged to all students at the time of registration for each semester enrolled. This fee assessed to each enrolled student funds a portion of campus-wide services and infrastructure that support classroom education and community formation experience.

These include (but are not limited to) campus computer network infrastructure equipment and services, network management and monitoring equipment and software, video conferencing equipment and services, classroom AV equipment purchase and maintenance, internet access fees, electronic security firewalls and filters, email services, software purchases and upgrades, community meals, security services, etc.


Books: approximately $400/semester


Other Charges

  • Transcript Fees
  • Lost Library Item Charges: Varies up to $120 per item, including a $15 processing charge
  • Parking pass (OK Campus students only) - $150
  • Returned Check Charge - $25 per check returned because of insufficient funds

VA Shopping Sheet

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