FLEX Schedules Offered at SPST

Saint Paul School of Theology offers FLEX scheduling for our theological education courses. Students will receive a more Flexible Learning EXperience that combines convenience and community opportunities with intentional academic scheduling. Having a combination of online, on-campus, and hybrid classes opens up many opportunities for a customized education experience. If you’re working full-time and have other responsibilities outside of your schooling, FLEX scheduling can help you reach your goals in the best way for you.

Benefits of a Flexible Course Schedule

Having a flexible schedule means more individualized courses for you. It may mean alleviating some stress that a more traditional curriculum and course structure might cause. Enjoy the freedom and other benefits FLEX scheduling offers:

  • Convenience: Our Flexible Learning EXperience will give you the flexibility and accessibility necessary to accommodate your busy schedules.
  • Cost: With FLEX, you will incur less commuting expenditures for a more affordable education.
  • Community: FLEX builds on the Saint Paul tradition of incorporating theological learning with the practice of ministry, spiritual formation and community building among faculty, peers, and seasoned pastors.

Choose The Course Format That’s Best for You

Consult with your Saint Paul faculty advisor to plan a FLEX schedule that will fit your learning style and life situation. You may choose all online theology classes in one semester and all on-campus classes in another. Or take a mixture of online, on-campus (residential), and hybrid (blended online and on-campus) courses to complete the required curriculum. Saint Paul offers two sections of each required course: a residential course, along with a hybrid or online course offering.

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Online Classes

In online classes, academic lectures and course work are taken remotely via computer instead of on-campus. United Methodist students may take all but one-third of their classes online according to ATS and UMC regulations.

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Hybrid Classes

Hybrid courses at Saint Paul combine online learning with on-campus learning and community building two to three times a year. Hybrid classes allow you the flexibility of online learning while still allowing for in-person experiences and relationship building.


On-Campus Classes

On-campus courses offer the traditional, face-to-face, classroom learning connecting via video between our Kansas and Oklahoma campuses.

FOCUS Weeks for Hybrid Courses

In an effort to provide on-campus community building and limit travel time for students, Saint Paul provides FOCUS week for students taking hybrid course. 

Hybrid courses meet on-campus and online, usually over a 15-week semester with an intensive on-campus session during FOCUS week. The on-campus portion of the class may be video-linked between campuses. 

FOCUS weeks are intentional community building weeks that incorporate:

  • Course work
  • Spiritual formation retreats
  • Practicums: workshop-style classes that teach ministry skills. (i.e. funeral planning, using technology in worship, financial reporting)
  • Special learning experiences with faculty, peers, and seasoned pastors

FOCUS weeks will be scheduled for one week of the fall semester, one week of the spring semester and two weeks in the summer.


Contact Us

If you have questions about how to design the coursework and education experience best for you, our admissions office would be happy to talk. We’ll walk you through the requirements for graduation and your options for online and hybrid learning. Call admissions at (913) 253-5084.