About Saint Paul

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Theological Seminary in Kansas City & Oklahoma City

In an ever-busy and complex world, Saint Paul School of Theology provides a haven to learn about, experience, and share the pure simplicity of God’s love. At our​ Kansas​ and Oklahoma,​ campuses, located in Kansas City and Oklahoma City respectively, we prepare students to preach the gospel and serve in Christ’s name. Saint Paul School of Theology is focused on both intellectual pursuits and practical applications.

Learning at Saint Paul takes place in the classroom, in the church and pulpit, and in the real world. Our unique curriculum combines academic study and actual experience, and serves as a model for other seminaries across the country and around the world.

At Saint Paul, we ​fully​ prepare​ our students for ministry, focusing on the academic, spiritual, and professional elements of personal growth. Members of our faculty are scholars and spiritual leaders committed to educating and preparing future church leaders by providing a dynamic seminary school experience.​

If you are interested in Saint Paul School of Theology, ​apply​ today! We would love to help you achieve your academic and spiritual calling.

Our Mission Statement

Centered in Christ and rooted in the Wesleyan tradition,
Saint Paul School of Theology is a seminary of intentional relationships
committed to the formation of people for innovative, creative ministry
through rigorous academic life;
the exploration of Scripture, tradition, and ministry practices;
and diverse, contextual experience.

Student gets real-world experience preaching in chapel at Saint Paul School of Theology

Our History & Heritage
We believe that our mission is in faithful response to the call of Christ Jesus to preach the Good News, to care for those who are in need of healing, and to set at liberty those who are oppressed. This theological seminary is founded on the revelation of God, disclosed in the witness of Scripture. The life of the church is rooted in the Wesleyan and United Methodist ​seminaries ​traditions​., ​and lives and works in the context of the ecumenical church and with people of other religious traditions.

Dr. Kamudzandu teaching theological studies students at night school.

Our Unique Education Experience

We believe that holistic formation for ministry and mission happens in the context of a worshipping Christian community which models the interconnectedness of all life by its participatory decision-making processes and corporate life.

As an educational community we are committed to pluralistic, functional teaching and learning across geographic divides, emphasizing interdisciplinary studies and a diversity of perspectives toward a goal of preparing leaders with theological integrity.

We believe that this theological education must include rigorous scholarship, lifelong learning, integrated reflection/practice, and a global outlook. ​When you choose to go to Saint Paul School of Theology for your theology degree, you choose to receive the best academic and religious education possible.

Saint Paul School of Theology Oklahoma Campus graduates throwing caps at commencement.

Our Focus of Ministry
We are committed to providing theologically-informed and competent leadership for the local churches near Kansas City and Oklahoma City, and for the church at large through the preparation of both clergy and laity. This ministry should be characterized by prophetic vision, caring presence, and inclusive evangelism.

Why Choose Saint Paul?:

Saint Paul School of Theology is reinventing theological studies so our students are better equipped to make a difference in today’s world. We’ve created groundbreaking theology degrees through collaborations with the Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas (Greater K​ansas City Metro Area), and Oklahoma City University in ​Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.​

Each institution we have worked with has contributed its core strengths and principles, so students get an integrated theological education with real-world, practical ministry experience. Saint Paul School of Theology graduates have a solid theological foundation and the experience necessary to educate. They are leaders who rely on the power of Jesus Christ​ ​to renew the church and transform the world.

Students who attend Saint Paul School of Theology are provided with a high-quality education. Are key differentiators are listed below:

  • Students benefit from our real-world education model
  • Students learn from both professors and practitioners
  • Students are able to connect with other students through spiritual formation retreats.