Master of Divinity (M.Div) Degree Program

What is an M.Div Degree?

A Master Of Divinity (M.Div) degree is a master’s level degree that provides graduates with the strong religious leadership skills required for ministry positions in the church and world. M.Div degrees are unique because they require pastoral studies courses. To be considered for acceptance into the M.Div program at Saint Paul an individual must:

  • Provide proof of a Bachelor’s Degree completion
  • Provide proof of English proficiency
  • Apply

At Saint Paul School of Theology, our program requires 79 credit hours and can be completed in three years. Our Master of Divinity degree is focused on history, theology, language, ministry skills, and providing students with a practical understanding of the Bible.

M.Div​ Specializations At Saint Paul

If you are particularly passionate about a particular area of ministry, an ​M.Div ​specialization will allow you to select an area of emphasis. At Saint Paul, we offer our students the opportunity to focus on the following contemporary ministry specializations:

Why Choose Saint Paul For Your M.Div Degree?

At Saint Paul School of Theology, we offer a comprehensive ​Master of Divinity degree program​. ​Our dynamic classes are taught by dedicated educators who believe in their students and are committed to providing quality education through a rigorous academic life and intentional spiritual formation opportunities​. Our graduates are ministers, teachers, and leaders who care about their faith and provide a positive impact on the lives of others.

Our ​M.Div program​ trains students to become powerful stewards of the Christian faith. If you are interested in learning more about our program, do not hesitate to contact us. Finding the right program and school for you is an important step of the education process, and we are happy to provide you with the information that you need to help you make your decision.

Course Overview

At Saint Paul School of Theology, we are excited to offer a ​F​lexible ​L​earning ​EX​perience (FLEX) for theological education which allows students to choose online, hybrid and on-campus courses to suit their busy schedules​. Learn more about our flex courses today.

Hybrid courses at Saint Paul combine a unique learning experience of online and on-campus learning. ​Master of Divinity​ students taking hybrid courses are required to attend classes on campus during FOCUS week each semester. For the remainder of the semester, hybrid course students participate in coursework via the online format.

  • In the first year of the ​M.Div program​, our students are introduced to various subjects including local ministry, Hebrew, theology, the New Testament and historical traditions. During the first year, students are also required to take 2 sections of SFR 30, which is our Spiritual Formation Retreat.
  • Leadership and ethics courses are also a focus of the first and second year of courses. In the second year, students also begin to take elective courses and become involved in ministry practicums and seminars. Students also take courses that allow them to understand theology, Hebrew, and the New Testament more thoroughly. Additionally, students become involved in a ministry collaboration group.
  • In the third year of courses, students take a total of four electives and focus primarily on upper-level courses in worship, ministry, and collaboration. Students are also expected to take ethics and theology courses. At Saint Paul, our ​M.Div program​ is comprehensive, engaging and focused on preparing our students for a life of leadership and service.

Degree Requirements

To learn more about on-campus, and hybrid/online ​M.Div​ course options, view the following documents: