Master of Divinity (MDiv) Degree

Whether you're looking to deepen your understanding of theology, enhance your pastoral care skills or gain practical ministry experience, the Master of Divinity (MDiv) program can help you reach your goals. With a comprehensive curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge and hands-on training, you strengthen your abilities in a faith-based and collaborative learning environment.

Complete the MDiv program fully online or in person at either our Leawood, Kansas, or Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, campuses. A hybrid learning format is also available. Discover more about our locations and plan a visit!

What Is a Master of Divinity?

A Master Of Divinity (MDiv) degree is a graduate-level degree that provides students with strong religious leadership skills required for ministry positions in the church and world. MDiv degrees are unique because they require pastoral studies courses, making them ideal for those interested in leading active roles within the church, particularly within the Christian denomination.

We designed the MDiv degree at Saint Paul School of Theology to equip individuals with a deep understanding of theological concepts and ethical considerations necessary to effectively serve as religious leaders, pastors, ministers or other roles within religious organizations. Our comprehensive program focuses on history, theology, language and ministry skills and provides students with a practical understanding of the Bible.

For individuals interested in exploring the history and traditions of Christian theology from an academic perspective, the Master of Arts in Theological Studies program may be a more suitable fit. Alternatively, those interested in a two-year program that may lead to Deacon ordination or an Advanced Course of Study in the United Methodist Church are encouraged to consider the Master of Arts in Christian Ministry program.

Why Choose Saint Paul For Your MDiv Degree?

  • Finish in three: In only three years of full-time study, students engage in a range of elective courses, participate in ministry practicums, seminars and Spiritual Formation retreats, as well as, interact with ministry collaboration groups and much more. 
  • MDiv specializations: Distinct specializations allow students to tailor their education to their interest in a particular area of ministry. Select one of three areas: Spirituality and Prophetic Leadership, Wesleyan Studies or Women, Society and Church Studies.
  • Multiple learning formats: Looking for a flexible divinity master’s degree? At Saint Paul, earn an MDiv online, in-person or through a hybrid structure, with our F​lexible ​L​earning ​EX​perience (FLEX). Our program is adaptable to students’ needs and schedules, allowing them to achieve their goals while also balancing their lives.
  • Supportive faculty: Our dynamic and engaging MDiv classes are taught by dedicated educators who believe in their students and are committed to providing quality education through a rigorous academic life and intentional spiritual formation opportunities​.
  • Career preparation: The program​ trains students to become powerful stewards of the Christian faith, and our graduates enjoy meaningful careers as ministers, teachers and leaders who care about their faith and positively impact the lives of others.
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Divinity Courses

At Saint Paul, our ​MDiv program​ is comprehensive, engaging and focused on preparing our students for a life of leadership and service. The first year​ introduces students to various subjects, including Hebrew, theology, the New Testament and historical traditions. We also require two sections of SFR 30, which is our Spiritual Formation Retreat.

Leadership and ethics courses round out the first and second years of the program. During this time, students begin to take elective classes and become involved in ministry practicums and seminars. In this segment, students further their understanding of earlier topics and engage deeply in ministry collaboration groups.

In the third year, students take a total of four electives and focus primarily on upper-level courses in worship, ministry and collaboration, preparing for graduation and entrance into their vocation.

Specializations for MDiv Students

Spirituality and Prophetic Leadership

This specialization is modeled after the works of Richard Rohr. Courses invite students to recognize and engage the connection between a "deep relationship between the inner revolution of prayer and the transformation of social structures and social consciousness," as stated by Richard Rohr. Students pursuing this concentration can expect to take courses in Spirituality and Activism, Leading the Intercultural Church, Prophetic Ministry Adaptive Church Leadership, and more.

Lead faculty: Dr. Elaine Robinson

Wesleyan Studies

Courses in this specialization include those that delve into various aspects of the Wesleyan and Methodist faith traditions, history and doctrine. Students pursuing this concentration can expect to take classes such as Wesley and the Movements of the Spirit; The Means of Grace in the Wesleyan Tradition; African American Methodism; Wesley, Edwards, and the 18th Century Awakening; Pentecostal and Charismatic Theology, and more.

Lead faculty: Dr. Elaine Robinson

Women, Society and Church Studies

Students interested in this specialization can look forward to a curriculum that expands their understanding of the Bible and religious history. Classes include Women of the Hebrew Bible; Women in the New Testament; Feminist/Womanist Pastoral Care; Theological Anthropology; Theological Commentary, Feminism, and the Psalms; and Liberation Theology in the U.S., among others.

Lead faculty: Dr. Kris Kvam

Student Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the MDiv degree, students can:

  • Demonstrate a critical and informed understanding of the biblical, historical and doctrinal traditions of the Church;
  • Exhibit competence in integrating theory and practice related to skills for ministry;
  • Analyze diverse cultural contexts and social issues and their significance for the ministry; and
  • Demonstrate vocational formation for a holistic practice of ministry that reflects emotional and spiritual maturity, moral integrity and practical skills.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Divinity program at Saint Paul School of Theology requires 79 credit hours and takes three years to complete. Focused on history, theology, language and ministry skills, our MDiv degree provides students with a practical understanding of the Bible.

Degree Tracking

To learn more about on-campus, hybrid or online ​MDiv​ options, review the following resources:

Learn more about the master’s in divinity degree requirements.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the MDiv degree requires:

  • A baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution
  • A minimum grade point average of 2.5 or higher (on a 4.0 scale)
  • Proof of English proficiency (international students)

The Admissions Committee may consider exceptions to this policy upon receipt of such a request from the Director of Admissions or other designated staff. 

Finding the right program and school for you is an important step of the admissions process, and we are happy to provide you with the information you need to help you make your decision. Please contact the Office of Admissions with any questions.

Affordable MDiv Program

Beyond the traditional ways to fund your graduate theological studies, like federal financial aid, Saint Paul offers a number of scholarships, including endowed scholarships and full tuition fellowships.

In addition, upon admission to Saint Paul School of Theology, receive automatic consideration for the Each One, Reach One Scholarship, which provides 50% off of tuition for the duration of your degree program. All you need to do is apply to start your journey toward an affordable Master of Divinity degree! 

To learn more about program costs, visit the Tuition and Fees page.

Careers in Pastoral Care and Ministry

Our graduates are spiritual leaders who serve with empathy, care and a firm grounding in Christian traditions. Saint Paul empowers them to lead in their vocations and draw upon their experiences here to enrich the lives of others. Students with an MDiv degree find meaningful careers as:

  • Church administrators
  • Counselors or spiritual directors
  • Missionary or outreach workers
  • Nonprofit leaders
  • Pastors or ministers

Connect With Us

Events and lectures are two of the many ways students can connect with Saint Paul. Through these opportunities, we bring leaders in faith and theological scholarship into conversation with our academic community. Join us at our next event and encounter our welcoming, engaging atmosphere.

Find a Meaningful Career in the Church With a Master of Divinity Degree

The MDiv degree program at Saint Paul School of Theology enables you to find your path leading in your faith as a pastor, minister or teacher. 

The program is comprehensive, and specialization options allow you to study your passions in a supportive environment that encourages dialogue, contextual understandings of history and tradition and collaboration with your peers.

Earn your master’s degree in divinity online, in person or in a hybrid format. Request information to learn more!