Social Justice and Advocacy (MACM Degree Specialization)

Explore the intersection of faith and justice with our Social Justice and Advocacy Specialization, part of our comprehensive Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (MACM) degree program.

In this program designed for individuals committed to addressing justice-oriented issues such as immigration, race, disability and human sexuality, we welcome curious and thoughtful students preparing for vocations in the church, nonprofit sector, community organizing and beyond.

What Is Social Justice Theology?

A perspective within Christian theology that focuses on addressing issues of social inequality, oppression and injustice from a faith-based standpoint, social justice theology seeks to integrate religious teachings, ethical principles and biblical interpretations to advocate for social and economic equity, human rights and the fair treatment of marginalized groups.

This theological approach takes root in the belief that Christianity should actively engage with and work to transform societal structures that perpetuate injustice. While interpretations of social justice theology can vary, many Christians view it as a natural extension of their faith.

You may choose to pursue a theology and social justice advocacy program if you feel called to promote:

  • Biblical foundations: Integral to social justice and advocacy in a church context, the interpretation of scripture in ways that highlight God's concern for the oppressed and marginalized serves as a foundation for ministry and action.
  • Solidarity: Social justice theology encourages us to identify with and support those from different walks of life, promoting a sense of solidarity with those facing systemic discrimination.
  • Activism and advocacy: This branch of theology often calls for active engagement in social or political issues, and advocates may participate in movements and campaigns that seek to address systemic problems and promote positive social change.
  • Concern for the common good: With an emphasis on the importance of working towards the common good and building a just society where all individuals can flourish, those working in this field find meaningful, impactful vocations within the church or in academia.

Why Choose Saint Paul

At Saint Paul School of Theology, we exemplify our commitment to transformative education through the Social Justice and Advocacy Specialization. Students engage with dedicated faculty and community practitioners to develop a robust skill set and a theory of activism.

During their studies, students analyze diverse cultural contexts and social issues, demonstrating vocational formation for a holistic practice of ministry. They connect with a vibrant and dynamic community of learners and practitioners from diverse backgrounds and with varying points of view.

In our program, students achieve learning outcomes that reflect a critical and informed understanding of biblical, historical and doctrinal traditions of the church. By the time they graduate, they exhibit competence in integrating theory and practice as they apply their education to their role.

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Theology Courses in Social Justice and Advocacy

Our curriculum focuses on understanding how your values impact conversations and actions, particularly around issues affecting marginalized populations. This unique curriculum prepares you to catalyze positive change and actively engage in social issues impacting the church.

Courses in the Specialization include:

In the MACM Social Justice and Advocacy program, you gain insights into faith-based community organizing, research and reflect on justice issues in your community and develop communication and networking skills you can apply in your vocation.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry degree, including Specialization courses, requires 38 total credit hours, which equates to two years of full-time study. Once accepted, we admit students to their particular area of specialization.

Find out more about the MACM degree requirements.

Program Admissions

Students interested in the Social Justice and Advocacy Specialization must meet the admissions criteria for the Master of Arts in Christian Ministry degree program.

Visit the MACM program page to learn more about admission requirements.

Putting Your Degree Into Action

Many communities across our world face unequal rights, opportunities and treatment. When you pursue a theology degree rooted in social justice and advocacy, you equip yourself with the skills to actively contribute to creating a more just society.

The Social Justice and Advocacy Specialization provides the tools to challenge structures of social oppression and promote a Christ-centered, Wesleyan theology and anti-racist approach to justice.

You may find a purposeful career working with organizations such as:

  • Faith-based organizations or institutions
  • International development organizations
  • Community development agencies
  • Policy and advocacy groups
  • Human rights organizations
  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Secondary and Higher Education
  • Nonprofits

Affordable Seminary Education

We understand the importance of accessible theological education. We invite students to explore our financial aid options, including scholarship and grant opportunities, to make their seminary education more affordable.

The Each One, Reach One Scholarship is open to all accepted degree-seeking students, offering a 50% discount on tuition fees for the entire duration of the program. To apply for the scholarship, submit an application to Saint Paul School of Theology.

To learn more about MACM Social Justice and Advocacy program costs, visit the Tuition and Fees page.

Theological Events and Lectures

Showcasing our commitment to raising the voices of diverse thought leaders and advocates, Saint Paul regularly invites individuals to speak on campus or virtually. These experts and scholars share insight with our community and encourage us to strive to lead in our faith convictions. Join us at an upcoming event to get a sense of our open and engaging culture.

Champion Change in the MACM Social Justice and Advocacy Program

In Saint Paul's Master of Arts in Christian Ministry Social Justice and Advocacy Specialization, delve into the intersection of theology, social justice and advocacy as you learn to empower others and help shape a more just and equitable world.

Specialize your MACM degree in advocacy and social justice theology at Saint Paul, either online, in person or in a hybrid format. Request information to learn more!