Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (MACM) Degree Program

What Is An MACM Degree?

A Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (MACM) degree is a master’s level degree that provides recipients with a deep understanding of ministry and theology. The MACM degree is perfect for individuals who seek to make a difference in the world through their spiritual leadership. This program prepares students to become leaders by offering courses that cultivate social, cultural and theological awareness.

To meet the requirements for Saint Paul’s MACM program, an individual must apply and provide proof of Bachelor’s Degree completion with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and English proficiency. An MACM degree at Saint Paul requires 38 hours to complete, or around two years of full-time study.

MACM Specializations At Saint Paul

At Saint Paul School of Theology, our MACM Specializations allow students to focus on specific areas of ministry. Our students may choose from three comprehensive specializations:

Is An MACM Degree Right For You?

Our MACM degree program is designed for individuals like you who are called to be spiritual leaders in the church and community. Your ability to inspire and influence others is enhanced by honing and strengthening your skill set and knowledge-base through additional educational training. Pursuing an MACM degree at Saint Paul School of Theology will teach you ways of analyzing various biblical and academic texts related to spiritual leadership to enable you to provide the best possible ministry to church and community organizations.

Why Choose Saint Paul For Your MACM Degree?

Our ​Master of Arts in Christian Ministry degree ​is one of the dynamic​ theology degrees​ you can earn at Saint Paul School of Theology. If you are searching for a school where faith and knowledge are intertwined, look no further than Saint Paul. We employ educators and staff members who are dedicated to promoting academic excellence through spiritual enrichment.

Our graduates go on to have a positive impact on the world by becoming informed and ethical leaders. If you are interested in becoming a part of Saint Paul School of Theology and are trying to determine which path might be right for you,​​ contact ​our Admissions office. We can help you find the best degree program and area of specialization to suit your unique strengths!