Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (MACM)

Designed for individuals like you who are called to be spiritual leaders in the church and community, the master’s in Christian ministry degree program at Saint Paul School of Theology hones and strengthens your skill set, knowledge base and ability to inspire and influence others through educational training and contextual learning. 

You can enroll in the Master of Arts in Christian Ministry in an online, hybrid or in-person format at our Kansas or Oklahoma Campuses. Find out more about our locations and plan your campus visit!

What Is an MACM Degree?

A Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (MACM) degree is a master’s level degree that provides recipients with a deep understanding of ministry and theology. The MACM degree is perfect for individuals who seek to make a difference in the world through their spiritual leadership. This program prepares students to become leaders by offering courses that cultivate social, cultural and theological awareness.

The MACM program at Saint Paul School of Theology trains individuals for roles in Word, Service, Compassion and Justice ministries within congregations and community organizations. Additionally, the degree may fulfill the academic prerequisites for Deacon ordination or an Advanced Course of Study in the United Methodist Church.

Students interested in studying the history and traditions of Christian theology through an academic lens may find the Master of Arts in Theological Studies program a better fit. Those interested specifically in pastoral courses thrive in Saint Paul’s Master of Divinity program.

Why Choose Saint Paul for Your Master’s Degree in Christian Ministry?

  • 2-year program: Students complete our master of arts in Christian ministry online or in-person in just two years of full-time study. Our comprehensive yet rigorous Christian ministry graduate program allows students to put their education into practice sooner.
  •  Specialization options: At Saint Paul School of Theology, students choose an MACM specialization to focus on a particular area of ministry. Our students may select from a number of comprehensive specializations including: Deacon Ministries, Prophetic Witness and Services and Social Justice and Advocacy, and our newest Modern Worship Music, launching Fall 2024.
  • Flexible online learning: Students can complete courses in the MACM program in an online, hybrid or in-person format, thanks to Saint Paul’s Flexible Learning EXperience (FLEX) system that enables students to earn their degree in a format that works best for them. 
  • Grow academically and spiritually: Saint Paul employs educators and staff members dedicated to promoting academic excellence through spiritual enrichment. Our faculty nurture and guide students through every step of the educational and spiritual journey, preparing them to become effective leaders in their congregations.
  • Student resources: We provide tangible assistance to all Saint Paul students. The Disability Services Office assists students requiring accommodations with attaining the tools to thrive academically. Saint Paul also offers counseling resources, such as a counseling subsidy and a list of credentialed agencies and practitioners.
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MA in Christian Ministry Courses

Master’s in Christian ministry students take core courses in Christian Ministry, Bible, Traditions, History and Systematic Theology. These curricular requirements for all specializations ensure that MACM students develop a strong foundation before directing their studies toward one of our three specializations. 

Contextual Education courses and ministry contexts are built into each specialization, allowing students to put their education into action as they learn. These classes provide opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate vocational formation for a holistic practice of ministry that reflects emotional and spiritual maturity, moral integrity and practical skills.

Specializations in Christian Ministry

Deacon Ministries

General specialization requirements include the completion of four Practica courses and two Spiritual Formation Retreats, both giving students the ability to put their ministry and pastoral skills into practice. An upper-level Theology class and electives are also required.

To meet the requirements for Deacon ordination or Advanced Course of Study in the United Methodist Church, students must take the following classes: Evangelism, Worship, Mission of the Church in the World, UM Doctrine, Polity and History courses and optional electives.

Prophetic Witness and Services

Prophetic Witness and Services students take four Practica courses that enable them to put their education into context in a church setting. Students also complete two Spiritual Formation Retreats, an upper-level Theology class, Ethics or Church and Society, as well as elective courses.

Social Justice and Advocacy

Our curriculum focuses on understanding how your values impact conversations and actions, particularly around issues affecting marginalized populations. This unique curriculum prepares you to catalyze positive change and actively engage in social issues impacting the church.

Courses in the Specialization include:

In the MACM Social Justice and Advocacy program, you gain insights into faith-based community organizing, research and reflect on justice issues in your community and develop communication and networking skills you can apply in your vocation.

Modern Worship Music

In addition to the courses at the core of the MACM program, students in the Modern Worship Music Specialization take:

  • Upper-Level Worship
  • Production & Performance
  • Designing & Leading Worship
  • Ministry Practicum
  • Covenant
  • Composition

Summer intensive classes take place in person at our Leawood, Kansas campus only, and the remainder of the program can be completed in a hybrid in-person and online format. Over the course of the two-year MACM degree program, students develop their skills across vocals, piano, guitar, bass, drums and congregational songwriting.

Student Learning Outcomes At the conclusion of the MACM degree, students can:

  • Demonstrate a critical and informed understanding of the biblical, historical and doctrinal traditions of the Church;
  • Exhibit competence in integrating theory and practice in the area of specialization;
  • Articulate vocational identity in the area of specialization;
  • Analyze diverse cultural contexts and social issues and their significance for the ministry specialization; and
  • Demonstrate vocational formation for a holistic practice of ministry that reflects emotional and spiritual maturity, moral integrity and practical skills in the area of specialization.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry degree at Saint Paul requires 38 hours to complete, or around two years of full-time study. Students are admitted to one of three specializations in the MACM: Prophetic Witness and Service, Deacon Ministries or Social Justice and Advocacy.

Learn more about the Master’s in Christian ministry degree requirements.

Degree Tracking

Christian Ministry Program Admission Requirements

To meet the requirements for Saint Paul’s MACM program, an individual must: 

  • Complete an application
  • Provide proof of bachelor’s degree completion
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale)
  • Demonstrate English proficiency (international students)

If you are interested in becoming a part of Saint Paul School of Theology and have questions about applying or are trying to determine which path might be right for you,​​ contact the Office of Admissions. We can help you find the best degree program and area of specialization to suit your unique strengths!

Funding Your Graduate Education

As you prepare for the Christian ministry graduate program, you should consider options for funding your education, including federal financial aid and scholarships. Saint Paul School of Theology proudly offers endowed scholarships, such as named endowed scholarships, endowed end-of-year awards and full tuition scholarship fellowships.

Through the Each One, Reach One Scholarship, every admitted degree-seeking student who plans to enroll at Saint Paul receives a scholarship of 50% off of tuition for the duration of their degree program—all you need to do is apply to begin your journey toward an affordable MACM degree!

To learn more about program costs, visit the Tuition and Fees page.

Careers in Ministry

Saint Paul School of Theology graduates go on to have a positive impact on the world by becoming informed and ethical leaders. Students with a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry become effective:

  • Pastors
  • Chaplains
  • Deacons
  • Missionaries
  • Christian education directors
  • Leaders in Christian non-profits

Experience Saint Paul School of Theology

Whether through educational lectures or events featuring leaders in faith and theological scholarship, Saint Paul prioritizes student engagement. Experience our welcoming culture and networking and educational opportunities by attending an upcoming event or lecture.

Prepare to Lead in Your Faith With a Master’s in Christian Ministry

Pursuing a MACM degree at Saint Paul School of Theology teaches you ways of analyzing various biblical and academic texts related to spiritual leadership. As you deepen your faith both spiritually and academically, enable your skills in providing the best possible ministry to church and community organizations.

Earn your Christian ministry master’s degree online, in person, or in a hybrid format. Request information to discover more!