Modern Worship Music (MACM Degree Specialization)

Designed for individuals passionate about leading and shaping contemporary worship, the Modern Worship Music Specialization at Saint Paul School of Theology offers a distinct opportunity for you to contribute to the intersection of faith and artistry.

In this Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (MACM) Specialization, you learn to contribute to the rich catalog of Wesleyan and progressive theology, fostering an inclusive and justice-oriented approach to congregational song.

Why Study Worship Music?

Growing numbers of congregations are shifting from predominantly classically trained music staff (choir and/or organ) to bands and praise/gospel ensembles. Now more than ever before, church leaders must be adaptable to these trends and select songs that connect with modern worshipers.

A worship music degree can empower your vocation and prepare you to adjust to continued change in the way individuals and congregations participate in worship. When you study worship music, you gain the ability to:

  • Gain theological training: Beyond musical skill, worship leadership maintains a deeply intertwined relationship with theology. Seek theological training that aligns with your values and beliefs. Your understanding of the biblical, historical and doctrinal traditions of the Church is crucial for shaping worship experiences.
  • Actively participate in worship communities: Immerse yourself in worship communities to gain practical experience and build connections within the field. Attend worship services, engage with local worship teams and participate in music ministries.
  • Embrace inclusive practices: Modern worship demands adaptable leaders who embrace inclusivity and diversity. Explore unique approaches to modern worship songwriting and leadership, and develop a sensitivity to inclusive language that enriches worship and creates an environment where everyone feels welcomed and valued.
  • Develop worship design skills: Effective worship leaders are adept at designing and leading worship experiences. Learn the art of worship design, understanding how to create cohesive and meaningful services that resonate with congregants

Why Choose Saint Paul?

Saint Paul School of Theology stands out as a unique institution committed to shaping the next generation of modern worship leaders with a foundation rooted in personal and social holiness from a Wesleyan heritage.

The program collaborates with the COR Worship Collective, ensuring that members serve as affiliate faculty, bringing real-world experience and expertise to the Specialization. These individuals have backgrounds in writing, arranging, recording and releasing many songs for congregations in the Wesleyan tradition.

Unlike many programs housed in Southern Baptist or nondenominational seminaries, we provide a diverse theological perspective that enriches the choices available to future worship leaders. By choosing Saint Paul, you immerse yourself in an environment that values theological consistency between mission, music, preaching and worship design.

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Worship Music Courses

In addition to the courses at the core of the MACM program, students in the Modern Worship Music Specialization take:

  • Upper-Level Worship
  • Production & Performance
  • Designing & Leading Worship
  • Ministry Practicum
  • Songwriting

Classes take place in person at our Kansas Campus or Oklahoma Campus. Over the course of the two-year MACM degree program, students develop their skills across vocals, piano, guitar, bass, drums and congregational songwriting.

Degree Requirements

In this 38-credit-hour program, students can complete the Christian ministry master’s degree in two years of full-time study. Upon acceptance to Saint Paul, we admit students to their area of specialization.

Find out more about the MACM degree requirements.

Program Admissions

Students interested in the Modern Worship Music Specialization must meet the admissions criteria for the Master of Arts in Christian Ministry degree program.

Visit the MACM program page to learn more about admission requirements.

How to Become a Worship Leader

In Saint Paul School of Theology's Modern Worship Music Specialization, we understand the profound desire to lead congregations in meaningful and moving worship. Nurture your calling to become a worship leader on a journey of artistry, commitment and spiritual growth.

Becoming a worship leader remains an ongoing practice that starts with a robust theological education. Saint Paul helps you pursue continued mentorship and networking by facilitating connections with COR Worship Collective, giving you access to experienced worship leaders who can guide and inspire you.

Answer your call with confidence, knowing that your passion for music and ministry can have a profound impact on the spiritual lives of those you lead. Designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills and spiritual foundation to step into this calling with purpose, the Modern Worship Music program at Saint Paul offers the ideal environment for you to begin this exciting chapter of your vocation.

Funding Your Music Ministry Degree

We support students in their journey to become skilled and thoughtful leaders in modern worship music. Dedicated to making theological education accessible, Saint Paul connects students to various financial aid options, including scholarships and grants.

The Each One, Reach One Scholarship, available to all accepted degree-seeking students, offers 50% off of tuition for the entire duration of the degree program. To apply for the scholarship, simply submit your application to Saint Paul School of Theology.

To learn more about program costs, visit the Tuition and Fees page.

Connect With Our Vibrant Community

At Saint Paul, we prioritize student engagement through educational lectures and events featuring leaders in faith and theological scholarship. Attend one of our upcoming events or lectures to experience our welcoming culture and take advantage of networking and educational opportunities.

Create and Inspire in Saint Paul’s Modern Worship Music Specialization

In the MACM Modern Worship Music Specialization at Saint Paul School of Theology, refine your musical abilities and cultivate a deep connection between faith and artistry. Join a community passionate about creating meaningful experiences through contemporary music.

Earn your MACM worship music degree in person or in a hybrid format. Request information to learn more!