Saint Paul Unveils Cutting-Edge (Theo)Logic Studio to Propel Digital Ministry

In a transformative stride towards enhancing digital ministry, Saint Paul School of Theology proudly introduces its latest innovation – the Saint Paul (Theo)Logic Studio. This leading-edge venture epitomizes the institution’s commitment to forming leaders for innovative, creative ministry.

The advent of the (Theo)Logic Studio comes as a response to the dynamic evolution witnessed in ministry practices, particularly accelerated by the global pandemic of 2020. With a profound shift in how the Good News is conveyed, the modern mission field demands innovative approaches, leveraging multimedia and digital platforms as indispensable tools for effective outreach. Positioned as a dedicated space for content creation, recording, and editing, the (Theo)Logic Studio caters to the diverse needs of Saint Paul School of Theology students, staff, faculty, and alums. From podcasts to video resources and digital graphics, the Studio provides a comprehensive platform for crafting tailored media resources aligned with the ministries of its constituents.

Rev. Dr. Tiffany Nagel Monroe, Saint Paul Executive Director of the Oklahoma Campus, remarked, “God calls us to ministry and equips us along the way. Many an idea emerges, and we lack the resources to bring them to fruition… With a heart for all of our students and alumni, but a particular eye to our small and rural church connections, we wanted to provide the space and tools to let imagination run with the Spirit rather than be muted by lack of resources.”

Central to the (Theo)Logic Studio’s offerings are podcasting facilities, interview sets, green screens for video productions, and an array of equipment essential for digital content creation. This holistic approach empowers individuals to explore the digital landscape with the necessary tools, fostering a culture of innovation and experimentation. The Studio’s mission resonates with the ethos of Saint Paul School of Theology, prioritizing practical, hands-on experiences as integral components of ministerial formation. As the ministry landscape evolves, the (Theo)Logic Studio stands as a beacon of opportunity, inviting students and alums to embark on transformative journeys in ministry through multimedia expression. Reflecting on the significance of this initiative, Rev. Dr. Nagel Monroe emphasized, “If you’ve been thinking about a podcast or creating your own digital content for your mission field, now is the time to try… Let us help you extend the reach of your ministry. Once a part of the Saint Paul community, always a part of the Saint Paul community.”

Conveniently located on the Saint Paul Oklahoma Campus, the (Theo)Logic Studio beckons aspiring digital ministers to embark on their creative odyssey. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Alanna Ireland at or Tiffany Nagel Monroe at to reserve studio time for upcoming projects. With the unveiling of the (Theo)Logic Studio, Saint Paul School of Theology reaffirms its dedication to equipping individuals for transformative ministry, ushering in a new era of innovation and excellence in digital outreach.

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