spiritual formation

Spiritual Formation and Class Work

Students and faculty were renewed by participating in the Fall Spiritual Formation Retreat in Olathe, Kansas. During Reading Week students and faculty have an opportunity to read, write and take a deep breath before returning to class on Monday, October 20.

This summer I sat with a table full of Master of Divinity students for lunch and conversation. After asking them what class they were taking, I learned that they were all in Dr. Jim Brandt’s Atonement course.

For the next 15 minutes I sat and listened as they all talked about the class content and the current applications of what they were reading. The model of the class was fascinating. Every morning they focused on a single theologian and his/her writings on atonement.

spiritual formationAfter lunch they watched a current movie and applied their theological learnings. The students kept talking about how important Dr. Brandt’s lectures were to class and chuckled about some of the movies.

They were already beginning to process how their learnings would practically carry over into their ministry settings. They agreed that they’d probably never see movies the same way ever again. I quietly cheered them on and Dr. Brandt, too. Jim Brandt is one of many of the professors making theological education come alive.

Saint Paul is about educating students to become leaders for the church and the world. I am thankful for the faculty who “see hope for the future” with the students in their classrooms and offer creative pedagogy. I am thankful for students who talk about their courses, their professors and the practice of ministry. I am thankful for all of your who are reading these weekly reflections and sending me notes about you and your ministries.

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