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MATS Prepares Students for Doctoral Study, Scholarly Research

Many people enroll in seminary in response to God’s call to ministry, either in the church or in the world.

Still others answer a different call to engage in scholarly work that enhances our collective understanding and spiritual development.

The Master of Arts in Theological Studies at Saint Paul School of Theology was designed for those planning to pursue a doctoral degree in a theology-related field. The degree also prepares students for employment in a variety of fields. MATS graduates will have the intellectual and practical tools they need to conduct meaningful scholarship in a world characterized by increasing religious diversity. 

Participating students have the opportunity to complete research and writing in a specific area of interest. The program culminates in an interdisciplinary capstone project reflecting the student’s chosen academic specialty. This enables the student to complete significant scholarly work that lays a foundation for success in a doctoral program and beyond.

Led by experienced faculty and ministry practitioners, the MATS program offers a rigorous academic environment rooted in faith. Students engage in biblical, historical and theological studies that advance academic goals while enhancing spiritual development.

First-year students will take introductory courses in Bible, theology and history. These include classes on the Hebrew Bible and New Testament, along with Christian traditions and systematic theology.

During the second year, students take electives reflecting their selected area of study. The work also includes at least one historically marginalized perspective. Electives emphasize research and thesis writing as the student works toward completion of their capstone project. 

As with other degree programs at Saint Paul, the MATS curriculum is designed with flexibility in mind. Our FLEX learning system offers online, in-person and hybrid scheduling options. Students who enroll in hybrid courses will attend on-campus sessions during FOCUS Week, while remaining coursework is completed online.

FLEX scheduling is ideal for students who are working full time, parenting or fulfilling other responsibilities while pursuing seminary education. This makes it possible for students from all walks of life to earn a theology degree.

Requirements to enter the MATS program include a Bachelor’s degree and proof of English proficiency. The application includes a Personal Statement describing which discipline or concentration will be the primary focus of study. The prospective student should also detail their plans after completing the MATS degree. 

If you would like to apply for admission to the MATS program at Saint Paul, you may complete our online application at any time. If you have questions, please send an email to admiss@spst.edu or call our Admissions Office at 913-253-5084.

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