Dr. Casey Sigmon

Assistant Professor in Preaching and Worship, and Director of Contextual Education and Pause/Play Center for Preachers

Phone: 913-253-5017
Curriculum Vitae

Pause/Play Center for Preachers

Disciplinary Interests

• If you had to write a thesis next semester based on your current theological, historical or biblical interests, what would the topic/title be?
• If a student contacted you to be their advisor on a research project, what area/s would excite/interest you enough to say yes?

Meet Rev. Dr. Casey Sigmon


PhD in Homiletics and Liturgics, Vanderbilt University
M.Div., McCormick Theological Seminary
BA in Theater and Film, University of Kansas


Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Recent Publications

“Process Theology.” Preaching the Manifold Grace Vol. 2, Ronald J. Allen, ed. Wipf & Stock,

“Preaching By the Rivers of Babylon: How an Exile from Pulpit and Pew Can Change White
Preaching On the Other Side of Pandemic.” Interpretation: A Journal of Bible and
Theology. April 2021, Volume 75, Issue Number 2. Guest Editor, Richard Voelz.

Contributing Author at Working Preacher (www.workingpreacher.org), 2017-2021.

"The Fruit of Self-Control." Sermon in Preaching to Teach: Inspire People to Think and Act, by Richard Voelz. Abingdon Press, 2019.

Lectionary Commentary on Psalm 33:12-22, Psalm 66:1-9, Leviticus 19:1-2,15-18, Exodus 14:19-31. workingpreacher.org

“Homiletical Possibilities and Challenges in Colossians.” Review and Expositor.  November 2019, Issue Number 4. Issue Editor, David M. May.

Contributing Editor. The Living Pulpit: Sermons that Illustrate Preaching in the Stone-Campbell Movement 1968-2018, Mary Alice Mulligan, ed. Chalice Press, 2018.


Rev. Dr. Casey Sigmon