Are you looking to get a solid theological education?

A Certificate in Theological Formation is a 24 credit hour certificate. Classes are a combination of online and on-campus offerings. All courses are taught by Saint Paul faculty.

The program may be for you if you want to:

  • lead a church in a denomination that does not require a master’s level seminary degree
  • work in a church and want additional theological preparation
  • serve at a faith-based or non-profit organization
  • work as a parish nurse that is better equipped to engage communities
  • gain deeper knowledge as a lay member of a congregation

Required Courses (18 Credit Hours): 

HBS 301  Introduction to the Hebrew Bible 3 credit hours
NTS 301 Introduction to New Testament 3 credit hours
HST 301 Introduction to Christian Traditions I 3 credit hours
HST 302 Introduction to Christian Traditions II 3 credit hours
THL 301    Introduction to Systematic Theology 3 credit hours
ETH 301  Introduction to Christian Ethics 3 credit hours

Choose 6 Hours of Elective Courses (6 Credit Hours):

CHS 3** Church and Society 3 credit hours
CRE 3** Christian Religious Education 3 credit hours
EVN 3** Evangelism 3 credit hours
PCR 3** Pastoral Care 3 credit hours
WOR 3** Worship 3 credit hours
DST 311 UM Doctrine 2 credit hours
DST 320 UM History 2 credit hours
DST 330 UM Polity 2 credit hours

Note:  The required courses and CRE 3** and EVN 3** are planned for online offerings in the next two years. The others are potential online courses to be developed in the future or available on campus.

Classes can be transferred into a degree program.

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