Town Hall Meetings

First Town Hall Meeting-October 10, 2016
The Office of the President and the Saint Paul Board of Trustees wishes to thank those of you who participated in the Town Hall Meeting on Monday evening, October 10, 2016.

As we have begun to live out the vision of becoming “a creative network of collaborative learning relationships,” understanding the nature of the physical environments that best support this vision has been an important goal.  Among the messages we heard on Monday night was our need to configure seminary operations so that they optimally promote the creation of community within the environment of theological education.  This will likely require that we bring into proximity the faculty and staff offices, classrooms and the entire library collection.  Many other comments and questions raised similar important issues.

There is much yet to do to realize our shared vision and your comments are already shaping our deliberations.  As Saint Paul School of Theology evolves in response to changes around us, we hope to have additional productive conversations.  Until then, thank you again for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Michael J. Parmely
Board of Trustees

Neil Blair
Saint Paul School of Theology