100% of Saint Paul students
receive scholarships.


98% employment rate of
graduates for the last three years.

We’ll Help You Get There

Saint Paul is committed to helping students leave seminary with less debt. With a wide range of endowed scholarships, we help students overcome financial barriers.

You’ll also find flexibility to accommodate your schedule. Face-to-face classes are available Monday evening through Tuesday morning. Based on your learning preferences, you can meet with a faculty advisor to discuss an academic plan that includes on-campus, online, and/or hybrid style courses.

Saint Paul School of Theology A United Methodist Seminary

Saint Paul School of Theology is a seminary of the United Methodist Church with one mission in two locations. Our Oklahoma campus thrives in a collaboration with Oklahoma City University in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and, in partnership with the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, our Kansas Campus serves the Greater Kansas City Metro Area in Leawood, KS.

Students learn from dedicated faculty, experienced pastors, and community leaders about best ministry practices. Our graduates leave with tools and first-hand experience necessary to meet the needs of a changing world.

Connect with Us

Lora Stiles

Lora Stiles – Making a Difference From Oklahoma to Bolivia

[av_video src='https://youtu.be/7jt_v3BowBU' format='16-9' width='16' height='9'] The stories of Saint Paul students and alums are amazing and filled with HOPE! When we connect through story, it...
Bishop Sundo Kim

Bishop Kim Receives Honorary Doctorate from Saint Paul

On May 22, Saint Paul School of Theology presented an Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree to Bishop Kim Sundo. Bishop Kim is the founding pastor...