COS Booklists and Advanced Assignments

Course List
Below is a list of Classes offered through Course of Study. (Think of this as your "Course Catalog".)  You will be able to click on the course title below and get information regarding booklist and advanced assignments regardless of when or where you are taking this course.

Advanced Assignment Due Dates
Please refer to the Course Schedule for registration deadlines and due dates for Advanced Assignments for the particular session in which you are enrolled, i.e. Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer, and for the particular place you are enrolled, i.e. KC, OKC, Springfield, Hays.

Again, no dates are on the following list of courses so that no matter when or where you are taking the course you will always be able to refer to this page to get the most current information about the specific course you are taking.

121   Bible I Introduction - Past Instructor(s): Jim Preisig
221   Bible II: Torah & Israel’s History - Past Instructor(s): Harold Washington
321   Bible III Gospels - edited 8/30/17 - Past Instructor(s): Phil Meckley
421   Bible IV Prophets, Psalms & Wisdom Literature - Past Instructor(s): Lee Johnson
521   Bible V Acts, Epistles & Revelation - Past Instructor(s): Israel Kamudzandu

122   Theological Heritage I Introduction - Past Instructor(s): Steve Breon
222   Theological Heritage II Early Church - edited 8/4/17 - Past Instructor(s): Jim Brandt, Phil Meckley, Amanda Ross
322   Theological Heritage III Medieval-Reformation - Past Instructor(s): Kyle Butler
422   Theological Heritage IV: Wesleyan Movement - Past Instructor(s): Hal Knight
522   Theology in the Contemporary Church - Past Instructor(s): Young-Ho Chun

123   Formation & Discipleship - Past Instructor(s): Lee Johnson
223  Worship & Sacraments - Past Instructor(s): Phyllis Provost-Saas, Teresa Stewart
323  Congregational Care - Past Instructor(s): Karen Lampe
423  Mission - Past Instructor(s): Jeremy Basset
523   Evangelism - Past Instructor(s): Emanuel Cleaver III, Hal Knight

124   Transformative Leadership - Past Instructor(s): Stan Basler
224   Polity and Administration - Past Instructor(s): Ann Sherer-Simpson
324   Preaching - edited 5/22/17 - Past Instructor(s): Mike Graves, Dan Pulver
424   Ethics - Past Instructor(s): Angela Sims, Phil Meckley, Young-Ho Chun
524   Theological Reflection: Practice of Ministry - edited 8/15/17 - Past Instructor(s): Marilyn Gregory

Please note that instructors when you take the course may be different from the past instructors listed above.