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Alums are valued members of the Saint Paul School of Theology community. Alums contribute to our legacy of traditions of excellence through mutually beneficial, lifelong connections to each other and the seminary. Through tradition, partnerships, and participation our alums support the seminary's mission.
There are approximatley 2,600 Saint Paul Alums throughout the United States and the world. Our prayer is that alums build on their education, strive to be lifelong learners, and continue to be connected to their seminary friends, professors and congregations who will continually contribute to their formation.
Our seminary continues to be strengthened by its friends. Friends of the seminary believe in the mission of Saint Paul School of Theology and give of their time and talents. Our friends serve on a variety of committees including the Board of Trustees. They share their knowledge and skills in order to nurture and challenge each facet of the institution. Together, they provide scholarships and gifts that directly impact our student leaders.

Greater Kansas City Campus
4370 West 109th Street, Suite 300
Overland Park, KS 66211
Phone number: 913-253-5000
Fax number: 913-253-5075
Oklahoma City University Campus
2501 North Blackwelder Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73106
Phone number: 405-208-5757
Fax number: 405-208-6046