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COS Program Description

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The Saint Paul Course of Study School offers a variety of formats. The primary session for full-time local pastors is held each summer for four weeks, typically in July. All twenty courses in the program are offered during these four weeks. Each January, the two-week winter session offers courses in the second, third, and fourth years and is available to both full-time and part-time local pastors. Courses for part-time local pastors only are offered in fall and spring sessions. These sessions are scheduled for two-three weekends. Classes are held in the Greater Kansas City Area, Springfield, MO and Oklahoma City, OK.

The summer and winter sessions of the Saint Paul Course of Study School use an integrative teaching model. Foundational and functional classes are taught, exposing students to both theory and application. Students typically enroll for two courses in a two-week session.|

Course of Study School is designed to be a year-round learning experience. Registered students receive advance assignments and book lists from which to prepare. Students who do not complete and submit the assignments by the published deadlines will be withdrawn from the program. Students also receive further assignments during class sessions.


Greater Kansas City Campus
4370 West 109th Street, Suite 300
Overland Park, KS 66211
Phone number: 913-253-5000
Fax number: 913-253-5075
Oklahoma City University Campus
2501 North Blackwelder Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73106
Phone number: 405-208-5757
Fax number: 405-208-6046