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Young-Ho Chun

Professor of Systematic Theology

Phone: 913-253-5010
  • PhD, Drew University
  • BD, ThM, Colgate Rochester Divinity School
  • BA, Methodist Theological College, Korea
Dr. Chun teaching

Theology must not be merely speculative but grounded in the real existential experience of life. Christians who believe in the Incarnate Logos should learn to service languages through their languaging practice as well as embodied discourse in-the-world.
Such is the basic perspective and approach I take to each course.


United Methodist Church (UMC), Elder

Discipline or Specialty

My discipline is Theology. It is also identified as "Systematic Theology" in that it offers in metaphoric and rational narrative a coherent explication and interpretation of the symbols of the Christian faith as it is rooted in the Scriptures and transmitted through various Christian communities in light of the transient, yet significant needs of the human condition and diverse cultural forms. It is also known as "Constructive Theology" in that it critically examines the Christian creedal and confessional positions and reframes them through interpretation in light of the emerging scientific outlooks on the world as well as the cultural criticisms that open up a new horizon of meaning in a contemporary world.

Representative Courses Taught
  • Courses with doctrinal emphases
  • Courses with emphases on particular theologians and their writings
  • Courses on emerging theological trends
Recent Publications
"Interreligious Dialogue: Its Present Theological Location?" in Internationales Jahrbuch fuer die Tillich-Forschung, band 5/2009, Christian Danz, Werner Schuessler, and Erdmann Sturm, eds. (Wien und Berlin: Lit-Verlag, 2010), pp. 9-20.
"Love: Power in Hearing the Other into Being," in Loving God, Loving Neighbor: Ministry with Searching Youth, Sondra Matthaei, ed. (Philadephia: XLibris Press, 2008).

"The Doctrine of Incarnation According to Tillich and Its Significance Today," in Christius Jesus-Mitte der Geschichte!? Beitraege des X Internationalen Paul Tillich Symposiums Frankfort/Main 2004, Tillich-Studien Band 13, Gert Hummel, Peter Haigis, Doris Lax, eds. (Muenster, Germany: Lit Verlag, 2007), pp. 69-79.
"Love as Redemptive and Creative Energy: A Chrisitan Perspective," Asian Christian Review vol. 1, no. 1 (Spring 2007), 103-116.
"Prayer in Korea: From a Tillichian Perspective," in Der Gebet als Grundakt des Glaubens, Werner Schuessler and A. James Reimer, eds. (Muenster, Germany: Lit Verlag, 2004), pp. 137-151.

"The Trinity in Tillich and Its Implication for Inter-religious Dialogue," in Trinitaet und/oder Quaternitaet-Tillichs Neuerschliessung der trinitarischen Probelmatik / Trinity and/or Quaternity-Tillich's Reopening of the Trinitarian Problem. Beitraege des IX Internationalen Paul Tillich Symposiums Frankfurt/Main 2002. Tillich-Studien Band 10, Gert Hummel and Doris Lax, eds. (Muenster, Germany: Lit Verlag, 2004), pp. 47-56.

"Hegel in Tillich: The Use of Dialectic," in Die Bruecke der Versohehnung: Festschrift for Prof. Dr. Gert Hummel zum 70 Geburtstagsfeier, Doris Lax and Werner Schuessler, eds. (Muenster, Germany: Lit Verlag, 2002), chapter 8.
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