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Masters Degrees

Saint Paul launches three new masters' curricula next fall: Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Christian Ministry, and Master of Arts (Theological Studies).
Fewer hours and less debt-The new MDiv will require 79 credit hours for the degree rather than 90 credit hours now required, meaning less debt for graduates. The new MACM and MA(TS) will also be completed in fewer hours (54 credit hours for the MACM vs. 60 now and 49 for the MA(TS) vs. 60 now).
For the MDiv students, the new curriculum marks a return to a more praxis-based, integrated curriculum like that which formed so many Saint Paul graduates.
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Master of Divinity (79 credit hours) 
Specializations for Contemporary Ministry
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Four Focused Areas of Specialized Ministry
  • Christian Religious Education and Spiritual Formation
  • Social Justice Ministries

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Five Concentrations for In-Depth Academic Research
  • Biblical Studies
  • Ethics/Church and Society
  • Historical Studies
  • Theological Studies
  • Wesleyan Studies

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