Policy CCP 1 Identification of Geographic Boundaries for Saint Paul
Policy CCP 2 Collection and Disclosure of Crime Statistics for Saint Paul
Policy CCP 3 Emergency Notification
Policy CCP 4 Timely Warning Notification
Policy CCP 5 Reporting of Crimes or Emergencies at SPST
Policy CCP 6 Statement on Security and Access to SPST Facilities
Policy CCP 7 Statement on Reporting Crimes and Confidential Counseling
Policy CCP 8 Security Awareness Programs
Policy CCP 9 Disclosure of Off-Campus Locations of Student Organizations
Policy CCP 10 Statement Addressing Illegal Drugs and Alcoholic Beverages
Policy CCP 11 Disclosures to Alleged Victims of Crimes of Violence or Non-forcible Sex Offenses
Policy CCP 12 Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures
Policy CCP 13 Equity Compliance Officer
Policy CCP 14 Anti-Harassment, Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Retaliation 
Policy CCP 15 Consensual Romantic and Sexual Relationships
Policy CCP 16 Policy on Consent
Policy CCP 17 Educational Programs for Sexual Assault Prevention
Policy CCP 18 Fire Safety for Saint Paul Students in Avila or OCU Housing
Policy CCP 19 Missing Student Notification

Policy CCP 20 Policies on VAWA Offenses