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Policies and Procedures to Assess Transcripts and Transfer Credits from Other Seminaries or Graduate Programs
NOTE: The following policies and procedures are for assessing transcripts and courses. They do not guarantee that credit will be transferred into Saint Paul. Student should be aware that at least the last two-thirds of their course work must be completed at Saint Paul: for the MDiv degree, the last 60 semester hours, and for the MACM or MA(TS) degrees, the last 40 hours.
A student or admitted applicant who requests an assessment of previous course work for transfer will write a letter of request to the Academic Dean listing all courses (full titles together with departmental and numerical designations) for consideration. The admitted applicant or student will need to submit supporting documents to inform the transfer assessment.
Transcripts will only be evaluated during the fall through spring semesters of the academic year for admitted students and current students at Saint Paul. No transcripts will be evaluated during the summer term.
The letter should include the following information:
  • Name of the school where work was completed
  • Name of the courses taken, including course numbers and full titles
  • Degree student is seeking at Saint Paul School of Theology
Supporting documents include:
  • Official transcript. Transcripts in a student's admission or academic file are acceptable for this purpose
  • A catalog of the school where work was completed, preferably from the time when courses were taken. If full catalog cannot be submitted, include the following:
    • Statement of accreditation, usually found near the front of the catalog
    • Explanation of grades and grade point equivalents (GPA), found in the catalog, unless grade explanations appear on the transcript
    • Explanation of course numbers, unless course numbers on the transcript are clearly identified as graduate courses
    • Course descriptions, from the school's catalog of the year when work was completed
    • Explanation of semester hour equivalents if courses are not credited by semester hours, but by quarter hours or units
  • A syllabus for each course
  • Additional material, such as papers, or exams written for the course, may be required
In assessing the transcript and courses, the Academic Dean's office will consult with others who are knowledgeable about the courses being considered (e.g., faculty in a particular field, the international student advisor, etc.), and will develop an assessment. If it is a student with a concentration or specialization, the Academic Dean's office will consult with the advisor to assess the transcript in relation to the area of concentration or specialization.
Material will be sent to faculty who normally will have one week to respond with a decision to the Academic Dean's office. If the Academic Dean's office does not hear from faculty within the week (or if faculty have not arranged for extra time, for example, due to absence from campus), the Academic Dean's office will make the decision.
After courses are assessed, the Academic Dean's office prepares a letter summarizing how the course(s) transfer. The student, the student's faculty advisor and the Associate Dean and Registrar receive copies of the letter. The Associate Dean and Registrar will update the student's academic plan with the transferred courses and send a revised copy to the student and advisor. The Assistant Dean enters the transfer credit on the student's Saint Paul transcript and places a copy in the student's file.
An appeal of the decision may be made to the Academic and Professional Development Committee.

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