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Sondra H. Matthaei

Professor Emerita of Christian Religious Education

  • PhD, School of Theology at Claremont
  • MRE, Saint Paul School of Theology
  • BA, Kansas State University
Dr. Matthaei teaching

How do persons become Christian? How do they grow in faith? How does the
church participate in their faith formation? These are the questions behind
Christian faith formation and our mission of educating leaders
"to make disciples, renew the church,  and transform the world."


United Methodist Church (UMC), Diaconal Minister in Christian Education

Discipline or Specialty

Christian Religious Education is a biblically, historically, and theologically grounded discipline that attends to the formation of Christian identity and vocation through growth in the knowledge and practice of faith. My scholarly research focuses on the early Methodist movement and the implications for Christian faith formation in the church today. Two basic questions are the focus of my scholarly work: How do persons become Christian? What is the church's role in making disciples?

Representative Courses Taught
  • Faith Formation in Wesleyan Tradition (DMin)
  • Spiritual Formation and Mentoring Relationships
  • Introduction to Ministry
  • Ministry Across the Lifespan
  • Immersions: Native American, New Mexico; Native American, Oklahoma
Current Research
  • The research I had done for our Wabash grant on "Theological Pedagogy in Native American Theological Education" will now be turned into a chapter on "Theology and Pedagogy for Diverse Peoples" for the faculty book that is being created as a result of our Wabash grant directed by Dr. Howell. I will also serve as Editor of the book during spring 2012 when Dr. Howell is on sabbatical. I anticipate that this will only be a beginning for my writing in this area.
Recent Publications
Youth Ministry in a Technological Age, co-editor with Claire Smith (Philadephia: XLibris Press, 2011).
Formation in Faith: The Congregational Ministry of Making Disciples, (Nashville, Abingdon Press, 2008).
"Loving God and Neighbor in a New Generation," Loving God, Loving Neighbor: Ministry with Searching Youth, and editor (Philadelphia: XLibris Press, 2008).
Rethinking Christian Formation, Religious Education Journal (Spring 2004).
"Vision and Imagination in Transformative Theological Education," Theology Colloquy Journal (Independence, MO: Community of Christ, 2004).
Making Disciples: Faith Formation in the Wesleyan Tradition (Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2000).
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