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Registration Information
Registration at Saint Paul is done online through Self-Service, a link to the site is listed at the top of every SPST webpage. For specific, step by step instructions on registration, view the Online Registration Instructions & Information sheet. If you have questions, contact the Registrar's Office.

If you are a Course of Study student, view the Course of Study webpage for registration information.
Cross Registration
Full-time students in good standing may take courses at the seminaries (links listed below*) in the Kansas City area with which Saint Paul has a cross-registration agreement. Students must be full-time students at Saint Paul (KC) during the semester in which cross registration occurs. Students may cross register for summer or January intensive courses if they were full-time students in the previous semester. The student pays tuition to Saint Paul for cross-registered courses.


  • A student may cross register for a maximum of six semester hours during the course of his/her seminary career.
  • Students must take and pass cross-registered courses for letter grades and must pass with a grade of B or better in order to transfer the credit.
  • Grades for cross-registered courses will be sent to the Saint Paul registrar, and will transfer as credit (CR) rather than as a letter-grade-bearing course.

It is expected that students will cross register for elective courses only. If a student wishes to cross register for courses to fulfill distribution requirements, permission must be obtained in advance from the VPAAD and the Saint Paul professor in that field of study.


According to the agreement among Kansas City schools accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (KCATS), United Methodist studies courses are not eligible for cross registration.


Always cross register with your own registrar!

So that you may have full benefit of opportunities available to full-time students at Saint Paul, registration moves from the Saint Paul Registrar's Office to registrars at our sister schools. Contact the Registrar's Office to learn more.

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