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New Curriculum


The Saint Paul new curriculum begins Fall 2014. The new curriculum requires fewer hours to complete and is organized around 4 main themes:

Spiritual Formation, Interpreting the Faith, Growing in Communion,Serving the World

Watch the new curriculum video.

Spiritual Formation Retreats:Students and faculty will gather for retreats that include corporate worship, spiritual practices, and community building centered on a particular theme.

Ministry Collaboration Groups:Saint Paul has a strong tradition of small group reflection with experienced clergy that goes back to the beginning of the seminary.First year small reflection groups will continue in the new curriculum.We are for the first time asking faculty with pastoral experience to lead upper level small groups.This will provide a melding of scholarly and practical expertise brought to bear on student discussions and case studies, deeper theological reflection, deeper relationships between students and faculty members, and modeling how professional relationships and support can help students sustain themselves during the demands of seminary, and later, ministry.

Practica:Practica are short, workshop style courses which focus on experiential learning in a particular practice of ministry. Practica are taught by a faculty member or faculty member in collaboration with a practitioner of ministry.Students engage in experiential learning about the practice of ministry that is the focus of the course.Practica in place for Fall 2014 include the areas of preaching, ministry with children, and leadership.

The Mid-Degree Seminar:
This course is designed to help students reflect on their progress in formation for ministry, especially their ability to integrate theory and practice.

The Summative Seminar:This course is an intensive engagement with theology and ministry designed to help students strengthen their ability to integrate theory and practice. Students rehearse articulating their theology in relation to their ministry setting or intended ministry setting in preparation for ordination and commissioning processes.





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