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Meet our Students

Seminary Education and Practical Church Experience

Blake StanwoodI chose to come to Saint Paul School of Theology, because I thought that the fusion of seminary education with practical church experience would be an exciting model to pursue as I grow in faith, and a deeper discernment of God's call. It would be my greatest hope to use my degree to pursue full-time ministry as a career, either as a military chaplain or a pastor serving the needs of a congregation.

I remember my first year of seminary as a year of growth and development in ministry gifts and skills. In the years to come I am looking forward to learning the greater intricacies of doctrine as well as developing ministry experience in many new areas.

Blake Stanwood, MDiv Student
Greater Kansas City Campus

Serving the Community Through Ministry

Darryl BurtonI choose to come to Saint Paul School of Theology after learning that Dr. Mike Graves was a faculty member. I spoke with him and learned of the diversity of ideas and inclusive nature of this campus. I feel that Saint Paul is a good fit for me.

My hope is to use this degree to further serve the community in global evangelism, prison, and youth ministry. I hope to minister as a testament to Saint Paul School of Theology that took a chance on me by providing me this opportunity to get an education in higher learning even though my life experience is rather unique and challenging.

I have accepted this call in hopes to deal with social justice, wrongful convictions and the human condition where it relates to poverty, division among racial lines, and world thirst and hunger. I have come to embrace my walk of faith after being a skeptic about God for many years. I pray to be a humble servant in my ministry and I'll try to help wherever there is a need.
Darryl Burton, MDiv Student
Greater Kansas City Campus

Bring God's Glory to the Poor, Oppressed and Marginalized

Lora StilesI was first introduced to the idea of attending Saint Paul from a trusted friend and spiritual guide. The Saint Paul staff took time to meet with me and my husband to answer many questions about and how seminary could fit into my life as a wife, mother, and potential student pastor. It was very meaningful to me that Saint Paul was so personal. The United Methodist grounding is important to me, but I also appreciate the ecumenical aspects of Saint Paul. It just seems to be the right balance.

It is my greatest desire to earn an MDiv that will open up the door to many possibilities in the future. I plan to become an elder in the Oklahoma United Methodist Conference. I especially feel drawn to be involved in missions. I want to be used to reach out to the poor, the oppressed, and the marginalized, seeking justice, equality, and dignity for those who have no voice. Whatever my future position may be, the work I do will be to love the unloved and bring God's glory to the lives of the needy. I am called to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and to make disciples of others for the transformation of the world.

Lora Stiles, MDiv Student
Oklahoma City Campus
A Heart for Pastoral Ministry and Preaching

Wes WingfieldI chose Saint Paul after attending a professional retreat. Seminary location was a powerfully positive influence. I found the overall ease of access and cost to be highly competitive to other Methodist seminaries. I have a heart for pastoral ministry and preaching. From my previous professional background, I bring organizational leadership and development experience. I will follow where God leads me and hope to put this combination of talents and gifts to work in service for the United Methodist Church.

I felt I had a calling at around 13-14 years old. I was positively influenced by my pastor Rev. William McElvaney around 1969-71 when I lived in Dallas, Texas. He had a contemporary approach to worship and music. I went on to pursue another professional career but when I did answer the call to ministry I found it interesting to find out that my childhood pastor had been a past President of Saint Paul School of Theology. Since then I have contacted him and thanked him for the influence he had on me, even all these years later. It's never too late to answer Gods call.

Wes Wingfield, MDiv Student
Greater Kansas City Campus
Local Church Service Becomes Calling

Andy NelmsI have always been involved in the local church in my small town of Coweta, OK. I grew up there and was actively involved in the youth group. I became the youth representative to the administrative council and got involved in district events over the years. My father originally spotted my interest in the church and talked with me about what that really meant. I went to district camps to cultivate that call. By the time I was looking at colleges, I decided on Oklahoma City University. They had a religion program and I felt I had influential people in my life in ministry. The seminary on the same campus was a natural next step. I am on track to be an elder in the Oklahoma United Methodist Conference.

One of my best memories of my time here at Saint Paul was when I got to have lunch with Rev. Adam Hamilton. He came to speak at Oklahoma City University. Saint Paul at OCU picked students from each class to have lunch with him along with some OCU undergraduate students. It was really interesting to hear about his ministry and the challenges and opportunities he faces as a pastor.

Andy Nelms, MDiv Student
Oklahoma City Campus

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