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Master of Divinity

Doctor of Ministry

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) is the basic professional degree for ministry in the church. In many denominations it is one requirement for ordination. In the United Methodist Church, it is among the requirements in the primary track toward ordination as elder. The MDiv is offered on both the Kansas City Campus and the Oklahoma City Campus.
Degree Requirements
The MDiv calls for the completion of 79 credit hours. Students may complete the degree in three years. However, the demands of course work, ministry setting, and family responsibilities prompt many students to take four years (22-23 credit hours per year) or longer. All requirements must be completed within eight years. MDiv requirements include Contextual Education classes and one Immersion experience. Read more
Grounded in spiritual formation - The curriculum is organized around three areas of spiritual formation:
  • Interpreting the faith to make disciples of Jesus Christ
  • Growing in communion to renew the church; and
  • Serving the world for its transformation
Praxis learning centers - Students will learn ministry from practicums offered at praxis learning centers. These will include local churches in a variety of locations and sizes, from small to large membership, and ministries embodied in agencies and organizations. The practicums will focus on particular practices of ministry and will be led by practitioners from the learning centers.
Ministry collaboration groups - Faculty will work closely with students in small groups to help students integrate their seminary studies for vocational formation.
Intentional articulation of learning - The new MDiv degree will require students to assess and articulate what they are learning and how well they are integrating theory and praxis. These two intentional assessments will occur mid-way through the degree and near the end of studies.
MDiv students who demonstrate strength and potential in a particular area and have a satisfactory level of achievement in their academic work can focus on a specific field of interest. After completion of 15 credit hours and consultation with faculty in the area of interest a student may apply for a specialization.
Specializations require 15 credit hours of course work. The electives required for specializations are offered on a 2-3 year cycle.
The MDiv specializations in Christian Religious Education and Evangelism may meet the academic requirements for professional certification in Christian education, youth ministry, or evangelism in the United Methodist Church.
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