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Financial Accountability

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Students are expected to keep their personal accounts in the Business Office paid up-to-date. (Accounts due but not paid by the end of the applicable semester or term will be filed with the Academic Dean and the Registrar before the last week of the semester or term.) Students with unpaid balances from a previous term will not be permitted to attend classes. Accounts must be paid in full two weeks before the end of a semester or term for a student to be eligible to attend classes in the subsequent semester or term. Students must have a zero balance or an approved deferred payment agreement prior to completing registration for the subsequent academic year/semester/term.
Diplomas and transcripts will be issued only for students whose accounts are current and paid in full. Accounts of graduating students must have a zero balance by April 30, in order for the student to participate in Commencement and/or to receive their diploma.
Contact Information
Call the following numbers if you have questions regarding:
Your financial aid award Kim Warren 913-253-5050
Your tuition balance Sheryl Klinkenborg 913-253-5051
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