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Visiting Professor of Restorative Justice and Prison Ministries
Saint Paul at Oklahoma City University
Professor of
Historical Theology
and Director of
Contextual Education
Dr. Mike Graves
Mike Graves
William K. McElvaney
Professor of

Jeanne Hoeft
Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology and Pastoral Care and Dean of Students

Dr. Nancy R. Howell
Nancy R. Howell
Professor of Theology and Philosophy of Religion

Israel Kamudzandu
Associate Professor of New Testament Studies
Lindsey P. Pherigo Chair

Dr. Henry H. (Hal) Knight
Donald and Pearl Wright Professor of Wesleyan Studies

Associate Professor of Theology

Dr. Amy Oden
Professor of Early Church History and Spirituality
Saint Paul at Oklahoma City University
Academic Dean of Saint Paul at Oklahoma City University and
Professor of Methodist Studies and Christian Theology
Dr. Angela Sims
Associate Professor of Ethics and Black 
Church Studies
Dr. Harold Washington
Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean and Professor of Hebrew Bible



H. Sharon Howell
Interim President

   Faculty Emeritus
   Dr. Young Ho Chun  
   Fr. W. Paul Jones
   Dr. L. Shannon Jung
   Dr. Eugene L. Lowry
   Dr. Sondra H. Matthaei '69
   Dr. William K. McElvaney
   Dr. Tex S. Sample
   Dr. Laurence A. Wagley
   Dr. Lovett H. Weems, Jr.




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