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Deacon Degree Requirements and Options

Basic Theological Studies (27 semester hours)
New Testament (3) Old Testament (3) Church History (3)
UM Doctrine (2) UM Polity (2) UM History (2)
Worship / Liturgy (3) Evangelism (3) Mission of the Church (3)
Theology (3)
Saint Paul Graduate Level Options

Saint Paul offers three graduate-level options for persons interested in ministry as a deacon in full connection: Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Specialized Ministry, and short-term intensive courses. A Bachelor's Degree is prerequisite for all options.
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Master of Divinity Degree

The Master of Divinity degree program provides a strong basic education for persons preparing for ministry in the church. Ninety (90) semester hours are required. Specializations within the degree include:
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  • Black Church Ministries
  • Christian Religious Education (with an optional Youth Ministry focus)
  • Evangelism
  • Restorative Justice and Prison Ministry
  • Town and Country Ministries
  • Wesleyan Studies
  • Women, Society, and Church Studies
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Master of Arts in Christian Ministry Degree

The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry degree program provides an academic program of graduate theological studies particularly designed for the deacon in full connection. Within the sixty (60) semester hour program, a concentration is declared. Concentrations are offered in:
  • Christian Religious Education and Spiritual Formation
  • Congregational Leadership and Evangelism
  • Deacon Ministries Pastoral Care and Health and Welfare
  • Social Justice Ministries
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